Money Can’t Buy Love

Would you sell your child for $500 million?  Probably not, but maybe, I don’t really know you. Would you sell a project you’ve been developing since infancy and seeing it blossom into one of the most important means of keeping up with the world for $500 million? For twitter founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams, the answer was no when Facebook was willing to pay the requested $500 million for their social media web site.

This raises some interesting points. If you take an idea and nourish it, let it grow, and watch it change the world, no amount of money would  cause you to change your views.


My rainy day fund

If you come up with an idea from its inception, you want to be the one to let it grow if it is within your means. People are not as manipulatable as believed, and we are not only interested in money, we have deeper intentions of creating something bigger than wealth. Offering the world a service never before experienced with billions of users is a feeling beyond my scope of understanding, and it is always fascinating to see how people in such positions respond to such opportunities of incomprehensible wealth.


3 comments on “Money Can’t Buy Love

  1. If i had a website like that, I’m personally not sure if I’d want to sell it – I wouldn’t want to watch to grow into something else other than for the purpose of it’s original use.

  2. I like that Twitter did not sell to Facebook just for money. I believe that the creators of Twitter, first off, don’t need any more money, but also, see a certain future for Twitter, maybe one that they don’t believe can be given to the website by anyone but themselves. It’s nice to see that not everyone can be bought.

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