5 Unbelievable Inventions We Wish We Thought Of Ourselves

The title says it all.


1. Tostabag
Tostabag is a reuseable bag that makes grilled cheese in your toaster – no grill, no microwave, no mess.


2. Invisble Tree Hotel
Kids want treehouses. And they want superpowers, like to be invisible. The Invisible tree Hotel has both!Image

3. Washable Keyboard!
Everyone eats by their computers and always drops crumbs, liquid, way too many times too count. You just pray your computer keyboard doesn’t get ruined. If you have a washable keyboard, none of that will be a problem anymore.


4. Tricycle Lawnmower
Your dad no longer has to mow the lawn and now it’s all up to your little brother! You kill two birds with one stone


5. Water Removing Hairbrush
This invention is for people who have long hair that hate going outside with wet hair in the winter!! It brushes your hair and dries it at the same time!



4 comments on “5 Unbelievable Inventions We Wish We Thought Of Ourselves

  1. I love when I hear about all of these different, cool inventions! First off, I love grilled cheese, so the Tostabag is awesome! I also HATE when my keyboard gets dirty, which happens quite often, and I always get so frustrated while trying to clean it without damaging it so the washable keyboard would definitely work in my favor.

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