5-year-old Hacker

This is for the boys in class, or girls, if you play Xbox!

Recently, CNN told the story of a FIVE YEAR OLD boy who was able to hack is dad’s Xbox account so that he could play. The boy “would go to his dad’s account and type in an incorrect password. That would take him to a password verifications screen, where he would simply tap the space bar repeatedly and then press ‘enter'”.

His dad wasn’t angry, but he says its funny how easily a five-year-old was able to get onto his account.

The child has also figured out ways to hack into his father’s smartphone simply by holding down the “Home” button. It’s funny because I’m the last person that can figure out any type of way to hack onto anything, and yet, a five-year-old was able to!

However, Kristoffer has not only figured out ways to hack into his dad’s multiple accounts. He will, “for his discovery (or, more accurately, for reporting it with his father’s help), Kristoffer will receive four games, $50 and a year’s subscription to Xbox Live from Microsoft.”


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