Battery Charging in Less Than 30 Seconds

The Israeli start up company called Dot claims that it can charge your phone from zero charge up to 100% in 30 seconds. Do not get too excited though, it is not set to launch for a couple more years, because of the restraints in size. Everything after all starts out being pretty big, and slowly works its way to becoming of smaller size. The port right now would not fit into a regular handset. They do have 1.25 million dollars in funding, so I would expect it to be sooner than a few years. I’m excited for this, because the battery that my phone uses is huge. It takes almost 6 hours to charge completely. With this new battery pack, it is definitely going to make things a lot more different, because of how much bigger the batteries can now be. One thing that I do not understand, is that if they make something that forces that much juice into something that quickly, won’t that destroy the battery? 

By fk125

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