Life on Saturn?

I am obsessed with the idea that there could possibly be life on other planets so when I read this article about how NASA recently found that one of Saturn’s moons has water on it, which could possibly mean, LIFE! I’m not sure why I find this so exciting, but I do. The name of this moon is Enceladus.

Some findings include this idea that the base of Enceladus’ ocean is “very much like the base of our own ocean on the Earth”.

When it comes to the reliability of these theories, “No one has actually gone to Enceladus and seen this ocean under the thick ice layer. But scientists have strong evidence that it is there, based on gravity measurements”.

When it comes to searching for life on this moon, a spacecraft with instruments would be our best bet.

This article is so interesting if you’re into this kind of stuff. I love that these different findings about other planets come out, because whenever I talk about life on other planets people think that I’m crazy, but then these articles make me look like I’m not.



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