Student Pranks Professor

This April Fools’ Day prank got over 1 million views on Youtube in just a day. The students of a microeconomics class at Aquinas College pranked their professor who has a policy that states, “if your phone rings in class, you must answer it on speakerphone”. The girl in the video arranged to have her friend call her that day and the professor’s reaction is hilarious.

It’s very common to see students on their cellphones in class or have their phones go off during lecture. This professor’s plan to reduce those numbers backfired when he was stuck in a tough situation. He seems like a cool professor though!



4 comments on “Student Pranks Professor

  1. I saw this the other night and was DYING. I can’t believe how awkward it got that the teacher even said that he had to publicly apologize to her after the phone call. If I worked in a high school I don’t think that I would want my students having their phones out either, and what this teacher does to them is great, but they definitely got him back!

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