Update on Malaysian Flight

I have posted on the missing Malaysian flight once before. This is an update on what researchers have now found in regards to this flight that went missing in early March.

Angus Houston, Air Chief Marshal said that, “We’ve got a visual indication on a screen, and we’ve also got an audible signal. And the audible signal sounds to me just like an emergency locator beacon”. This signal was heard at about 4,500 meters, but it will take a little while to confirm whether or not it actually came from the airplane.

CNN was informed that, “The aircraft skirted Indonesian airspace as it went off the grid and veered off course”, which basically means that the plane was directed in a different way than it was supposed to. The two main questions that investigators are asking are “But why would someone steer the plane that way, and where is it now?”

It is still very confusing to me. For a while I heard many different theories unsure of which ones were true and which just seemed ridiculous, but since they really haven’t found much, it’s hard to say which seem true and which don’t.

I know that the flight has already been said to have crashed into the water, but I think that they should find much more evidence than has been found before ruling out any other options.

I hope that our technology can do what it was created to do and help authorities make a definite decision, because family members of these people on board have a right to know what exactly happened.

If anyone wants to check out the article it’s really interesting!



One comment on “Update on Malaysian Flight

  1. I’ve been reading a lot of articles about this case as well and my heart truly goes out to the families of these passengers. The whole situation is so confusing but it’s hard for me to believe that the plane didn’t crash into the ocean.

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