When celebrities use social media

So I’m assuming most of you, at least the girls, have heard about what happened with James Franco a few days ago. If not, I’ll give you the recap: Basically he met an underage fan (17 almost 18) outside of his broadway show. Like most broadway stars, Franco goes outside after the show and takes pictures with fans, signs autographs, etc. In this specific circumstance however, Franco met an attractive young Scottish girl (who came to the US to see Franco’s play as part of an early birthday gift) who asked to take a picture with him. After the two took the picture, Franco asked the girl to “tag” him on Instagram, and she did just what he asked. Franco then started a conversation with the girl via Instagram and the two exchanged numbers and so they began to text. Franco asked the girl numerous questions, which in my opinion made him sound a bit creepy, like “what hotel are you staying in? Do you have a boyfriend? Should I get a hotel room? etc.” The girl, like any other fan, had her doubts and didn’t believe it was Franco until he took a picture of himself with a piece of paper that had her name written on it, and so she knew it was really him. Instead of meeting up with Franco or even asking to meet somewhere public, the girl decided to leak the picture to the media, causing chaos. Okay, maybe it was a bit creepy of Franco to go to those extremes, and for a fan…but he’s a guy and this kind of stuff is way more “common” for normal people to do, but if someone like James Franco even tries to meet someone, it’s impossible because it’ll turn into a bigger deal than it should be. I understand if the girl was offended, or scared or creeped out by what he was saying but it’s not something you leak to the media. If she didn’t want to meet up she could’ve just said no, or asked to meet somewhere more public. Franco spoke publicly about what had happened and he basically said that it’s hard for him to meet people without it being a big deal because it’ll somehow end up in the news. I thought what happened was funny, and I know plenty of people who would’ve wanted Mr. Franco to get that hotel room instead of blasting him in the media. Poor James Franco, still single and now looks like a creep to most of America…insert_screenshot

You can read more of the story here:



3 comments on “When celebrities use social media

  1. I heard about this! Still love him though. He went on Kelly&Michael and even admitted it was creepy, but I feel bad that it can be so hard for him to meet people now.

  2. I really do feel for celebrities at times. He’s a GUY. He wasn’t trying to be creepy, and like you said, she could’ve easily STOPPED ANSWERING and she chose not to. I really feel like majority of people will do anything for their five minutes of fame and it’s actually pathetic. This girl chose to respond to what he was saying, and then instead of not answering like any NORMAL uninterested girl, chose to embarrass him.

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