World’s Largest Tetris Game

On Saturday night, a 29 story Philadelphia skyscraper was used to play the world’s largest game of Tetris. Or the largest videogame for that matter. To carry this out, Drexel University’s computer science professor Frank Lee and his colleagues hacked into the LED lighting system of the Cira Centre building in downtown Philly.

Lee told the New York Times,

“People will think of this as a game, but I think of this as a public ornament. Technology has sort of made us isolated from each other. I want us to be with each other, and play with each other.”

This larger than life Tetris game was played for the ongoing tech week. This is the second time that Frank Lee and his team hacked into more than 1,400 LED lights on a skyscraper in Philadelphia. Last year in April, Lee’s team created a game of Pong on the skyscraper and scored a Guiness World Record for world’s largest architectural videogame display. This year’s Tetris game was twice as large, so the team is expecting to be recognized again.

Check out the video here:


One comment on “World’s Largest Tetris Game

  1. I was in Philadelphia on Saturday night and I noticed that one of the buildings was lit up and had Tetris projected onto it! Thanks for posting the article on this so now I understand what I was seeing on Saturday night.

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