30 seconds fully charged?

The worst thing about having an Iphone is its horrible battery. Sometimes I charge my phone over night, barely use it in the morning and it’s dead by the time noon comes around. It gets annoying always having to charge my phone and worrying that if I go somewhere and need to use my phone, I may not be able to because of how fast the battery drains out. I came across this article which talks about a company in Israel that is working on creating a charger that charges your phone in 30 seconds! That would be really cool & convenient especially for your typical Iphone user. I always thought Apple might be the first to develop something like this…I guess not.




2 comments on “30 seconds fully charged?

  1. I’m one of those people that will NEVER allow my phone to die. I refuse. Yet I also have to keep my brightness at about 1/4 of the maximum brightness you can choose, and when I’m outside I can never really see anything. I’m hoping that Apple can create a way to make a battery last longer.

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