It’s all about the details

When you look close enough at something, when no body else is looking, the details you see are just for you. When you’re down close and you can see the cavities in cement, or the distorted light shining through a rain drop, that object’s purpose is for you to see it. I love the details the brain can’t remember normally, sure I remember the big stuff; at a football game I’ll remember the colors of the jerseys, the size if the stadium, the people I was with, but there are details that you have conscientiously absorb to enjoy, and that make those details art. Close ups are my favorite, they make the small world bigger.






One comment on “It’s all about the details

  1. I really enjoyed this post, and I especially enjoyed the pictures that you used. It really kind of shows you that the small things are what matter in life. This was refreshing!

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