Uconn champs

As many of you know last night was the championship game of the mens NCAA tournament. The 7th seed UCONN Huskies claim their fourth title since 1999 over the 8th seeded Wildcats of Kentucky. Doubling the win totals of normal basketball powerhouses like Duke and North Carolina in the span of 15 years. Every year when tournament time rolls around its all about the team with the hot hand and the excellent performances their guards can put on. The former Big East Conference and now the American Athletic Conference was and is known for producing star guards and outstanding teams. Last year’s champs the Louisville Cardinals showed extraordinary¬†guard play from the end of the regular season into the conference tournament and into the big dance. Guess what they happen to be from the same conference as the Huskies. These back to back champs from the former Big East and now American Conference just goes to show that eastern basketball can play with the likes of the big conferences. When Dave Gavitt founded the Big East in 1979 he wanted to show just that. Even now with his dream in shambles of its former glory, these kids from the east can still play. It isn’t about the big names or the fab at the time, the tournament is all about guard play. The Cardinals showed it and the Huskies showed it, proving Gavitt right. The Big East is one of the best.



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