When will you get 1,000,000 Twitter followers

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 6.50.26 PM


For many people, the main objective of Twitter is to have your voice be heard by as many people as possible. Many times, Twitter users will come up with creative ways to increase their number of follows.  (I have even heard of people creating multiple Twitter accounts so that they can follow themselves across accounts to increase their number of followers.)

An article from Wired outlines a mathematical formula to figure out exactly how long it would take you to reach 1,000,000 followers, based on how many followers you have now.

The math and accompanying formulas are a little complex, but the author basically says that the more followers you currently have, the quicker you can reach 1,000,000 followers. He says that with more followers, it’s much easier to collect even more followers. Based on his calculations he found that it would take him 12 years to accumulate 1,000,000 followers.

Who knows if Twitter will even be around in 12 years!?


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