Heartbleed Bug

Having gotten my debit card hacked around Christmas time, I am now more aware of those kinds of things happening and where I should and should not use my card. I also check my bank statements all the time. According to this article, the Internet is now dealing with something called the “Heartbleed bug” being described as:

 “The worst security hole the Internet has ever seen.”


The article said that not all websites have been compromised, but gave a list of passwords that you should change. These include:

Google, Youtube, Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, Tumblr, Flickr, OKCupid, and Wikipedia.

Luckily, most banks seemed to be okay through this “Heartbleed bug”.

Companies such as American Express, Apple, iCloud, iTunes, Citibank, and LinkIn have not yet confirmed or denied if they have been patched. Hopefully they inform customers if they have been so that people do not have any information leaked.

It just goes to show that things are not as secure as people think. I recently posted on a 5-year-old that was able to hack into his dad’s xbox and iPhone without the correct password. If a 5-year-old can do it, who cant?

Having had my debit card information found out, I highly suggest that people keep an eye on all of their website accounts and bank statements to make sure that their information is not ever compromised. It is actually extremely frightening and frustrating when it does happen.


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