Unreliability in Applications


Never. Again.

Audacity ruined Kristen’s and my life on Tuesday evening. We had just finished our script  for our podcast. We were going to do a radio talk show, “Live with K&K”. Our theme would be “fallen stars”, and we were interviewing celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and Justin Bieber. We created our own questions to ask them, taking clips of their voices from different interviews so that it was like we had them on air for our show.


We decided that we would record the entire thing on Tuesday so that we could send it in and be done with it in advance. After we were finished, we wanted to show our roommates because we thought we had done a pretty good job. As we went to play the podcast, the application froze and exited, and refused to reopen. Therefore, we had to re-download the application and when we opened it, our podcast was no longer there and we had to redo it. I cried.

We realized there was nothing else we could do except record it all over again, because we thankfully still had our scripts. When we were finished, we could not figure out how to send it to Professor Bielecki, so we recorded it using Quicktime Player, put it into iTunes, and also recorded it on our phones, so that incase Audacity wanted to shut down again, we still had our project. (Luckily we were able to send it through our Quicktime Player recording.)

Basically this post is to discuss how unreliable this application was. People think that technology is so advanced and this and that, yet we couldn’t even rely on our project being safe. It was the most stressful thing, but it definitely taught me that you cannot rely on any kind of technology no matter what kind of computer you have or what kind of application you are using. Did anyone else have issues with Audacity? Or choose to use a different application for our podcast project?


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