Here it is Six Flags lovers. The park’s newest addition, and it’s name,

ZUMANJARO: Drop of Doom


This ride was created ON Kingda Ka! I guess that makes sense, since this ride goes up 415 feet into the air, and drops at a speed of 90 mph. The ride shoots up to the top, pauses for a few short seconds, and then falls back to the ground in 10 seconds.

As you rise and fall along the vertical track, the Kingda Ka steel trains will be thundering around the track at 128 miles per hour at the same time.”

I’m already so terrified of rides (mostly just Kingda Ka), but this may now be the scariest ride in my eyes. It reminds me of the Tower of Terror in Florida, except you’re completely out in the open on Zumanjaro.

However, it’s a sad day, as Rolling Thunder is being removed from the park in order “to make room for the newest addition”. How sad, considering Rolling Thunder was one of the first rides I ever went on.

When it comes to creative additions for this portion of the technological world, I want to know how these kinds of rides are created, and what makes them so safe. I will never go on Kingda Ka because I heard that during a test run a dummies head got knocked off, or something crazy of that sort. What were they able to do afterwards to then make the ride safe?

I absolutely love these parks, and I really do love going on rides. I swear I’m such a child. But nonetheless, I think that they are a great thing to have in our society, encouraging people to get outdoors and spend quality time having fun. However, I’m going to need some reassurance if I plan on going on Zumanjaro or Kingda Ka anytime soon.


2 comments on “Zumanjaro

  1. This looks AWESOME. I want to go on it so badly! I can’t even imagine the power going out and getting stuck on that ride though… it must be terrifying.

    PS – Kingda Ka looks scarier than it actually is!!

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