Do we control technology, or does it control us?

So up until this passed week, I never realized how my life is truly centered around the technology I own. I mean, I go crazy with anxiety whenever my phone is not at my side, and this week, when I lost my computer because it was thrown into a pool (yeah, I know, stupidest way to lose a $1,500 computer) I have honestly never felt more helpless. I watched my entire life, all of my pictures and documents, any schoolwork from the past two years, and any other information stored on it, literally washed away by pool water. And you can be sure I jumped in, clothes and all, to attempt to save it.

Now heres the crazy part. It is just an object, an inanimate piece of technology. It shouldn’t have been so important to me, and yet, I felt completely lost. I didn’t think I relied so much on my computer, but then I realized, it contained my entire life. Photos from since I was a baby, documents, drafts of stories I’ve written, my passwords to every account in my name, my music library of more that 10,000 songs, gone in an instant. Unfortunately in todays society, these are the things that our lives revolve around. My computer was more important to me than it should have been, and contained so many things that were truly essential to my life, and yet they weren’t even in existence when previous generations were our age. It is amazing how things change. 


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