For 34 hours…

For 34 hours, passengers were stuck on an airplane in China! The flight was from New York City to Hong Kong, but it turned into a 34 hour ordeal when they added a 15 hour addition over Zhuhai. Severe weather, an intense hailstorm required a detour, keeping the 256 passengers on board 15 hours longer! This happened on March 31st.


When I heard about this I immediately felt sympathy for the passengers and the crew,” Julie Jarratt, a spokesperson for Cathay Pacific, told NBC. “This was certainly a rare circumstance and one we want to avoid if at all possible.”

Personally, my longest flight was around 14 hours to go to Hawaii. I can’t even imagine staying on a plane for 34 hours – I’m not sure if I would get antsy, go crazy, be calm, or panic. I would have no idea what I would do. 



2 comments on “For 34 hours…

  1. This is pretty insane. I’ve been on a plane for 17 hours to India and I was going a little nuts by the end of it. I seriously can’t imagine what I would even do for 34 hours..maybe get wasted and pass out. Twice?

  2. I can’t even imagine being on a plane for that amount of time. That just sounds like complete torture. The longest flight I have been on was just over nine hours and I even thought that was way too long.

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