Printing FOOD

A German Company is printing food for the elderly! 


Biozoon is currently working on a 3D-printed food extruder that creates food that literally melts in your mouth. This is a perfect idea and specifically designs for elderly patients with dysphagia, the inability to swallow, so they could eat without choking on their food. This could save lives – since 60% of the food dissolves in your mouth, it is easier to swallow, and less likely for food crumbs to fall into one’s lungs. The product (the food itself) doesn’t sound like it will taste too bad, either, because it can be molded and extruded in different ways. Colorants and texturizers can be added to make things look and taste almost like the real thing.

The overall product, called SeneoPro, will be available for use in 3D printers this year. It is genuine, tasteful food and a resourceful use of technology. What else could humanity be printing?



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