Baseball Replay

Talks about expanding instant replay to the realm of Major League Baseball has been in the works for the past several years. Finally this past offseason, the green light to run replay during games was applied and this is the first time that baseball has tried this. People have argued that replay will slow down the game even more than its slow pace already and also that it challenges the integrity of the game that has been around for 100 plus years. That was my problem with adapting instant replay into our nation’s past time. The game has been played for over a hundred years and yes their have been the occasional bad call but the human error is part of the game. With the 2014 season under way, we already have had instant replay been used several times, some calls being corrected like the league wants and some that have been blown still. With these calls still happening all I see replay doing in baseball is slowing the game down, it doesn’t really enhance the sport so why keep it.


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