More Expensive iPhone?

This article contains speculation about the next iPhone. There are a lot of rumors on the internet, and many of them turn out to be completely untrue. However if this one happens to be accurate, I would reconsider purchasing an iPhone as my next phone. They are claiming that the next phone will be about $100 dollars more expensive. Given that the iPhone is already $200 WITH and upgrade, I would be pretty upset. Paying $300 dollars for a new phone just seems a little steep to me. “According to Jeffries analyst Peter Misek, the next iPhone may even come with a heftier price tag. In a company research report sent to The Huffington Post, Misek states: “Our checks indicate Apple has started negotiating with carriers on a $100 iPhone 6 price increase. The initial response has been no, but there seems to be an admission that there is no other game-changing device this year.


2 comments on “More Expensive iPhone?

  1. I’ve had the iphone 4 for two years now and my lease is up.. but I don’t think it’s worth it to pay more money for an iphone that practically does the same thing for a higher price .. I’m still debating on what new phone to get..

  2. It would suck if they hiked the price, but people are so sold on Apple that they will still happily pay the extra $100. However, some may not be able to, and therein Apple will lose some of it’s customers.

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