Planes and Phones

I came across an article that was talking about how more and more airlines are allowing the use of cellphones on airplanes during flight through Wifi. If you have been on a flight with Wifi, you probably know how expensive this can be…I remember a recent flight I took to an island in the West Indies that cost me $30 for Wifi just for the time that we would be over US land, and that was only about two hours…so it was pretty expensive given the amount of time I got to use it, still did it because I have a really bad problem with putting my phone down…Anyway, the article is actually talking about how the pilot on the Malaysian flight that has been missing attempted to use his phone right before the flight vanished, freaky right? This only leads me to think about how useful, important and beneficial free Wifi can be on flights…in a situation like this someone could have easily contacted security down on land and told them what was going on. Turns out the flight did not have Wifi but there was a possibility that they could have used their cell phones if the plane was low enough to the ground (10,000 feet approximately). I understand and respect those who like to have their flight time as a quiet peaceful, electronic free time, but when you think of something like this that is way more common than it should be, I think everyone would agree that they would like to have  phone service on their flight.


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