The Walking Anti-Google Glass ?

I read a story recently about a lucky man who got to experience and test the google glass before its release date which I believe is this Wednesday? Anyway, while he was walking home in San Francisco with the google glass on, he was attacked by a woman who stole his glass and smashed it to the ground and then sprinted away! The woman is reportedly one of the people who are absolutely against technology such as the google glass, not really sure why. I think it’s such an awesome idea and so futuristic, technology is only getting better, so why would someone want to destroy it?! Apparently San Francisco is the house for people who are anti google glasses, thinking that it takes away from society and the city itself? Weird…


One comment on “The Walking Anti-Google Glass ?

  1. That’s horrible! I feel so bad for the guy.. It’s kind of ironic how you say the woman is ‘against technology’, when I guarantee she herself uses or had to use some kind of technology for her own benefit…

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