So my little brother’s class does this thing where every week a new student is the “top banana” which basically means that for a whole week the class revolves around learning about them, etc. So today my little brother was working on a project for his “top banana” and the requirement is for him to make a video collage with pictures, music, videos, etc. of his life…he’s 5 years old. I think the first time I had to do a project involving something like that was towards middle school/high school…never in Kindergarten. I say this time and time again but I am amazed at how much these little kids are learning with technology, he is only 5 and learning how to use iMovie! It was so funny because he picked the song “The man” as his background music and put all these funny pictures of him and the rest of my family and at the end he has a video of him and his friends on a boat and the sound of the boat mixed with the song didn’t sound too good so he wanted to take the audio off the boat video so only “The man” would play…what kind of 5 year old thinks of that? Pretty soon he’ll be better than I am at all this techy stuff…so crazy.


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  1. That is crazy that your brother and I’m sure other 5 year olds are thinking like that. The possibility of how good they can be with technology is pretty nuts. When we did our video projects earlier in the year, I wanted to use my 5 year old neighbor in the video, demonstrating his advancement in playing games and beating levels that when I was his age, I couldn’t do, but the cooperation of a 5 year old is still something that is difficult to get sometimes.

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