Blue Mountain State: The Movie

Good news to all the fans of Blue Mountain State. The Mountain goats are finally making a comeback, this time onto the silver screen. A movie is in the works. Giving one of the most epic shows that ran for three season on Spike TV a fourth and final year of college. The creators of the the show Eric Falconer and Romanski are on their own for funding and producing the movie since the studio was too busy to make other films and didn’t share the same interest as them to make it. Let this kickstarter get all the fans amped up and hope they make the biggest and craziest flick ever.




2 comments on “Blue Mountain State: The Movie

  1. I wad a fan of the show and sad it was cancelled, but really excited now they are making a movie. I like how kickstarter funds movies for die hard fans of a show like they did for the Veronica Mars movie.

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