Uselessness of Standardized Test


Standardized test are a waste of time. Many students have thought this as they have continued through the latter of the educational system. Even the “most important” one that we take in High School, the SATs are useless in dictating our future. John Katzman the founder of educational programs such as 2U, Noodle Education, and most notably The Princeton Review has expressed his opinion about standardized test and their uselessness in the article linked above. Expressing that these test are just a scam used by the college board to rake in the dough.


3 comments on “Uselessness of Standardized Test

  1. I agree, I think standardized tests do no properly measure our capabilities. I also don’t think there should be so much weight on a test that we take when we’re only 17.

  2. I agree with some of your points. However, I think one thing standardized tests do, is in the name itself; standardizes students from around the country/world. It’s no secret that some high schools can offer a lot of help in terms of academics than others, and I think administrators look to exams such as the SATs as a means of leveling the playing field. That being said, the actual content of the exams could be argued to great length.

  3. Collegeboard makes a lot of revenue.. I think standardized testing is okay when it comes to getting credit for an AP course. But I think SATs for example are outdated and don’t necessarily measure anything worth while.

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