Anti- Theft Pledge

You may have heard that lawmakers were proposing that a “kill-switch” be created to help decrease the amount of theft of cellular devices.  Well it looks like that is becoming a reality with a new anti- theft pledge that has been announced.  Apple, Google,  Microsoft, and others including 5 major cell phone carriers have signed the pledge.  The pledge proposes after July of 2015, it will be a lot harder to steal a smartphone because users will be able to remotely brick and wipe their phones in the event of a theft.

By georgek0427

2 comments on “Anti- Theft Pledge

  1. This is a pretty interesting new feature. Reminds me of a cyanide pill used by spies in movies. I wonder how it will work and whether it could be bypassed by the smartest thieves of the world.

  2. Thank God. I’m so tired of hearing stories of how someone got their phone stolen. If you find a phone– return it to its owner. Its that simple. I’m glad big phone companies are doing something about this.

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