An Experiment in Online Dating

One Saturday I was really bored. It was raining, I had just gotten Chipotle with my roommate, and we had just finished watching Frozen. There was nothing to do. Then, she asked me a question, “Do you know what Tinder is?”

I had no idea what she was talking about until she explained that Tinder is a new dating application that is linked to your Facebook. It doesnt post to your Facebook, but it uses your likes to find people who have mutual interests based on your geographical location and age. Lo and behold, I decided to download the application and soon I was swiping left for the the guys that I never wanted to talk to and right to the guys that I thought were attractive. After a few swipes right, I received a few messages from my “matches” and most of them were complete perverts. Thankfully, you can block people.

After a few days of playing around with this application, I found it quite boring and gross. In its simplest form, people use Tinder to hook up. You are not going to find your true love or any one of value because its all virtual. There is no face to face contact and your chemistry is decided by old Facebook likes that you don’t even remember liking in the first place. And apparently, the guys on Tinder supposedly believe that if you send a wink face emoji and the words “ur sexy” it’s an automatic home run.

But I guess some people ¬†identify with the hook-up culture of college. And again, the medium has changed yet another social pattern in today’s society. The organic chance meeting in a coffee shop may just disappear.



2 comments on “An Experiment in Online Dating

  1. I feel like most of the guys on Tinder are absolute creeps. I’m not sure when it became ok to expect random hook ups on any online dating site. It really shows how much has changed over the years, in the dating world and the world online.

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