Are We Really What We Eat?

Metaphorically speaking, a very common adage is we are what we eat. Now literally speaking, of course that is not the case. If I eat a cheeseburger, I will not overnight miraculously transform into a Burger King sized burger with a side of french fries. But after seeing something on television, it got me thinking, how is that relevant to real life. 

Then I realized that it is more than just physically turning into whatever food item we choose to consume, but the adage is more personal, and our bodies do certainly react to what we choose to eat. Typically, the people that consume healthier food options, and a variety of natural foods such as fruits or vegetables, also live healthier lifestyles and overall, have a better quality of life. That is not to say that people who do not eat healthy are all unhealthy , not physically-fit human beings. That would be an overgeneralization. But in order to be healthy and feel good, you have to put good, nutritionally beneficial foods into your body. People who spend more time at McDonalds than their kitchen table, generally will not be the healthiest of people. That is why it truly is important to consider what you are eating and really think twice about what you are going to put into your body before you do. The better the food, the better you will feel.


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