Google is Literally Everywhere

When thinking about major internet companies the two that automatically come to mind are Google and Apple. I and millions of others use both of those companies’ products everyday. More specifically, working in the Rutgers Writing Program, I use Mac computers with Google applications that include gmail and everything and everything that Google Docs offers–spread sheets, forms, documents, calendars. You name it, google has it.

I am actually amazed at how much of my job uses GoogleDocs. There is a whole Writing Program file that mirrors almost every file found on the actual English department’s hard drive. Also, Google has provided the english department with the opportunity to design a form for instructors and students to fill out their availability to register for classes and tutoring. Their responses then get complied into a spread sheet and that information is then transferred to a database. It really cuts down on the unnecessary amount of paperwork that often takes up space and kills thousands of trees in the process. And the really convenient thing about Google Docs is that, whatever you choose to share with someone, that document is a living document that both of you may edit at the same time. It’s not just a word file that needs to be resent every time a change is made.

Honestly, if these two major company giants merged together, they would be unstoppable. But then again, maybe it’s good to have some competition because their products benefit society in the long run. It’s the race towards advancement and profit that has given us all convenience in the work place. GoogleDocs is a great example of that outcome.



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