Internet Humor

This is another post that agrees with Marshall McLuhan’s theory that “the medium is the message” and Bad Luck Brian. That’s right. I’m talking about memes. My personal favorite has always been Bad Luck Brian who never fails to make me laugh no matter the caption. Maybe it’s a combination of the freckles, red hair, braces, and overly enthusiastic smile, but there’s something about his face that causes me to giggle even as I write this.

Before I had been exposed to memes I did not know that my humor revolved around the little things. But as I became more well acquainted with memes such Bad Luck Brian I began to notice a culture of internet humor that wouldn’t have the same effect in real life. Sites like reddit and tumblr play a huge part in supplying gifs and memes to supply the humor for the day.Therefore, yet again McLuhan’s theory applies in the sense that the medium of the internet has changed the social patterns of humor. And it’s a different kind of humor that does involve real life images displayed in a way that’s sometimes sarcastic and witty.  It’s the innocent pictures combined with the facetious phrases that produce the humor. So the next time you see a gif or a meme remember that though it may seem like a laugh for the day it’s actually contributing to the ever-changing revolution of the medium over the message.



2 comments on “Internet Humor

  1. I love Bad Luck Brian:) I think its sad to admit, but I have once on occasion had an entire conversation with my friends by sending memes to one another. Its crazy to see how fast memes become popular and get shared.

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