Investing in a MacBook Pro

My own very first computer was given to me as a Christmas present when I was sixteen. It was an E-machines brand laptop and I was so excited that I had my own computer that I didn’t even care that I never heard of E-machines. I spent hours and hours on that computer surfing the internet and making sure that I had the proper security systems to avoid getting a virus.

But within a year and a half, my beloved computer started having problems. It could no longer be used without being plugged into the charger. The internet was also very, very slow. And, green lines started to appear against a white background in the corners of the screen. I knew it was the end.

Thankfully, for graduation I received a new computer. And it wasn’t just any computer. It was a thirteen inch MacBook Pro. I remember thinking how light it felt and how beautiful it looked in its modern style. The apple symbol was a welcoming sign. When I finally started to use it, I was amazed at how fast it was and how much easier it was to use than a PC. Yes, I did have to get used to the mouse pad and the fact the keys are farther apart as well as the exit button being on the left side as   opposed to the right side of a window. But, almost two years later, my Mac runs as fast and efficiently as it had when I received it as a graduation present.

Even though Macs are expensive, you really get your money’s worth. If I had bought a cheaper computer, chances are that it would have already gotten a virus by now and operated much slower. I’m prepared to be using my Mac for the next five years. Who knows, maybe it will last longer?



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