Netflix is the Future of Television

When you think about television, you think of a medium that has captured the world and impacted it on a great scale. Last year, I took an Apocalypse class with Richard Miller where one of the things he talked about the decline of watching physical television. His point was that people aren’t watching less media, they are actually watching more as a result of Youtube and Netflix, but the physical act of being tied to a television screen is disappearing. We are the portable generation that watches Netflix on our iPhones and shows each other cute videos of puppies on Youtube.

And speaking of Netflix, when they introduced their streaming option, it was probably the best decision they had made since the start of the company itself. And by providing access to popular television shows such as Mad Men, Grey’s Anatomy, American Horror Story, How I Met Your Mother, Breaking Bad, and my personal favorite The Office, Netflix is actually keeping the spirit of television alive. They are even allowing a potential for new fans to discover old television series.

People still watch television shows. It’s just the way people watch them has changed. Furthermore, besides being the cheapest (if you are viewing legally) ¬†provider of television shows, Netflix now can claim to own critically acclaimed series such a House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. If you do not already have an account, you should seriously consider getting one. It’s only $7.99 a month and it’s one of the best investments I have ever made.



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