Pintrest Addiction

Ever since joining the smartphone race, I’ve finally been able to see what this Pintrest thing is all about. My roommate has been obsessed with this app ever since it came out. She’s gotten countless ideas from Pintrest.  She’s decorated our room with LED lights with ping-pong ball stuck onto the lights.  And I have to admit they look pretty freaking cool. She’s also collected color paint samples of every color known to man and cut them into smaller cubes and pasted them onto the wall. Other than interior decorating, she has found several ideas for outfit choices, tattoos, and recipes. And I have also done the same.

This made me wonder what platform Pintrest was replacing from the Pre-Internet days. And the answer is simple: women’s home and life magazines. I bring up gender because according to Google Ad Planner, women make up about 82% of active users on Pinterest. And before these home and life magazines, it was probably word of mouth and family tradition in terms of getting ideas of fashion and design. It just shows another example of how the content of a society may stay the same, but the medium in how it’s presented changes societal patterns. Now, thousands if not millions can learn and share different styles of living. Although this may not be the most noticeable instance of technological advancement, Pintrest has become a huge brand name that has practically been downloaded on everyone’s phone. And the next time someone creates something nifty and witty, I am betting that when you ask how did they learn to do that, they reply with “Pintrest



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