Record Store Day

So this Saturday, April 19 is Record Store Day. Basically, it’s a dale devoted to the sale, preservation, and celebration of CDs, vinyl, and cassette tapes. In honor of Record Store Day, my favorite band Green Day released a collection of their demos strictly on vinyl and CDs. It cannot be found on iTunes nor could it be found online until someone uploaded the CD to Youtube. Honestly, I am all for preserving physical forms of music. Yes, mp3s are very portable and convenient (I listen to music on my iPhone practically everyday), but there’s something to be said about buying an album and feeling the physical case, looking at the artwork, and reading through the lyric booklet while listing to the record. It’s an entirely different experience that cannot be had from an mp3. You have to take the time to stop and actually focus and listen to what is being played. It’s the one of the only ways you can truly digest the record.

Despite the fact that my own listening to physical records has gone down and my mp3 usage has gone up, I still make time to listen to physical CDs and occasionally vinyl, especially if it’s from my favorite band. That’s the way I first experienced music and that’s the way I am going to continue to experience music.

So come this Saturday, get out your favorite CD, find your old walkman, and just sit down and listen.



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