The Nabi

This past Christmas my six year niece received the Nabi tablet. Basically, it’s a simplified version of the iPad for kids. It’s supposed to be used as a supplemental educational tool, but the only thing that my niece uses it for is to watch Spongebob Squarepants episodes and Angry Birds, which begs the question. Is technology really that is aimed towards the younger generation really designed for their benefit? Or is it designed to make a profit from parents who think they are providing a valuable tool for their child’s education when in reality the child would rather play games and watch cartoons on the tablet. Nabi’s website states that, “nabi products are made specifically for kids. And yet they’re good enough for adults. It’s the reason why they’re high quality. And why they’re stylish and at the same time durable. nabi products are fun, engaging, and rewarding. It’s an experience.”

From my own personal experience, the nabi actually sucks. Both for adults and kids. First of all, the touch screen is not as sensitive as it should be. You have to really press down to select something. And secondly, if an adult would like to use the tablet, you have to go under “mommy mode”, put in a password, and pray that the tablet holds internet connection long enough for the software to load. It’s not even worth the purchase. Get an iPad. Or better yet, if you want to entertain and educate a child, buy them a Spongebob book form Barnes and Nobel because they WILL treat the tablet like they treat any of their other toys.



2 comments on “The Nabi

  1. Honestly I feel that unless a parent has the time to dedicate to “coach” their kids which apps to use (educational ones), children will end up just using it for fun. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; but if the Nabi is designed for children and marketed for education, then it should only include those things. For example, I know my cousin’s share an iPad, but my Aunt monitors their usage– basically everything is blocked, lol.

  2. I think it’s a good concept but like you mentioned the touch screen and the wifi don’t really work well. It’s a good idea in theory but maybe it wasn’t executed properly

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