True Love via Facebook

The story I am about to share has been told a hundred times in my family. It’s a rare love story that seems like it was taken from a movie on Lifetime.

In the summer of 1995, my nineteen year old sister went to Italy on a family vacation. One night she and my cousins went out to a bar looking to explore the little town of Agropoli. It was there where she met a local named Marco. Visiting the local piazzas, trattorias, and eating the best gelato all on the back of his Vespa, they were inseparable for the entire summer. When summer came to an end, my sister went back home to the United States. They never saw each other again. Thirteen years later, after going through a terrible divorce, my sister decided to join Facebook on whim. One day, a tiny red notification popped up on her screen. It was a friend request… and it was from Marco. Right away, she accepted and it was like the summer of ’95 all over again. Through Facebook and Skype, the two re-connected and allowed their relationship to bloom. Soon they were traveling back and forth just to see each other. And within two years, Marco had moved to New Jersey and proposed. They have been married now for three years and have two children together.

Yeah, I told you it was some Lifetime crap.

The internet, in this case, was an essential medium in giving my sister her happy ending. So the next time you dismiss the fact that you’ll never find your true love, check your Facebook. You never know when your should mate will friend request you.

And Below is a picture of my sister Bonnie and my brother-in-law Marco in 1995 in


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