“Comparison is the Thief of Joy”

This past Tuesday, I had to take pictures of Jess Gonzalez, who is the Multimedia Assistant for Plangere, while she did a presentation for the other section of Multimedia Composition. Jess, who runs a very successful food blog that is now sponsored by Kraft Foods, gave some sound advice to students when it comes to creating and maintaining a blog. She dedicated a slide to Theodore Roosevelt’s quote “Comparison isn the thief of joy.” Jess emphasized that you shouldn’t compare your work with others because you will never be satisfied and you will always be afraid to venture out and do what you want. This really struck a chord with me because  in the past I tried to start my own blog. I was always intimidated by the bigger and better blogs out there that look really freaking professional. Why would my blog matter? And now I know that you shouldn’t be  thinking about the potential to be better than other blogs, but how you can out better yourself. With each post and each day your blog will evolve and with time take on the appearance of a professional blog. And with the  final project blogs coming up, this advice could not come at a better time.

Here’s a link to Jess’s awesome site if you haven’t seen it.




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