Drinking soda….virtually

My friends will vouch for me that I am obsessed with diet coke. Yes, I know it is terrible for you but it is oh so good. And the first sip is just so refreshing I cant get enough. Apparently others share in this obsession with me for there is now a digital world that lets you enjoy this great pleasure virtually. The game is called Soda Drinker Pro. It is now safe to say app creators have created literally EVERYTHING! The creator of this game, Will Brierly, came up with this game out of pure laziness. Go figure, laziness could actually aid in your creativity…. He said it stemmed from a incident where he wanted a soda so badly in the middle of the night but there was not any around. So what did he do? He created a virtual world where you can enjoy drinking soda! He created the first five levels in just one day, which is to blame for the crummy graphics but yet still highly impressive, might I add. Its quite simple, you walk around different locations with a drink in your hand, using the left click to put the straw to your mouth and right click to actually drink it. He even added a cool feature that plays the sound of draining fluid, and your soda levels deplete as you hold down the click. As stupid and crazy as this app sounds it is still being downloaded and played! Goes to show that a little effort and creativity can go a long way! Anyone has the power to put their ideas into actions now a days with all the technology and resources we are provided! Check it out if your bored and have nothing to do!



Here a snapshot of the game (yes, I did mention the graphics were terrible)


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