Greedy Consumers

As anxious consumers that we are, apparently we cant stop whining about the Iphone6. The Iphone5c and 5s have not even been out a year yet and people are already complaining about when they will see the Iphone6. With Samsung’s recent release of the Galaxy S5, consumers believe Apple should be a little shaken up because of the awesome new features this phone has. But if your a devoted Iphone user youll be happy to hear that the expected release is September. Although this is an EXTREME prediction for Apple keeps most of that information top secret. Why you ask that this is the predicted date? Well if you take a look through Apple’s history we are given some rays of hope. Apple has always historically released its newest Iphones about one year apart and like I mentioned early Iphone5c and 5s were released September 2013. To ensure this method is correct, I researched when the Iphone5 was released and it turns out it was September 2012. The Iphone4 was also released September 2011. So as you see we kind of get this estimation from the mere history of Apple’s products. Although many feel that Apple needs to start to realize that waiting a year might be too long with all the competition out there. I swear we are the greediest generation when it comes to technological inventions and its just going to get worse as we slip more into this digital world.


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