How technology lends a helping hand

It is unfortunate when people are born or come across an impairment in their lives. I think about it everyday what it would be like if I couldnt see or hear, or if I lost an arm or leg how much life would be different for me. But thanks to the power of technology we are able to create devices that help make life easier for those people living with impairments. Specifically for blind people, a new gadget FingerReader, has been created to help read printed books and even electronic books. This is a very huge invention because before most blind people could only read stuff that was written in braille, which totally limits there choices of things to read. This device was developed by MIT researchers mainly because only “about 7% of books are available in large print, unabridged audio, and Braille.” The device itself is basically a ring that blind people can use to follow a line of text in a book or screen. One of the features, a built-in camera, allows the gadget to detect 12 point font, which can then be read out loud. The device is even smart enough to detect when the reader has strayed away from the line of text and offers help to adjust the hand back to its place and it even knows when the line of a text ends. And although its main purposes are to help the impaired, there are hopes by the researchers that it will help “normal” people do certain things as well. For instance, it can be used to translate text from other languages, or the simple purpose of having a text read out loud. Here is a video that explains more of the great features this device offers!


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