Iphone or Andriod?

Its no secret that there is extreme tension and competition between the Iphone and google’s Andriod. For a while they actually were working together as a team but things went sour and now there in complete competition to monopolize the mobile device world. Iphone which used to feature google maps, now created its own. Your web browser also directly takes you to Yahoo’s search engine where as before it took you straight to Google. Clearly there is so much trouble in this paradise. And its only getting harder to compete. Google just launched its new Andriod camera app that has some pretty cool features. It allows you to actually replace the camera app that comes with your phone to this new, fresh app. The first cool thing about this new app is the fresh, simple full screen interface. “Google explained that the app itself is supposed to “get out of the way” when capturing pictures, and it does just that.” So unlike the iphone, whatever subject you are taking a picture of is literally consuming your screen, this way you can see to the exact pixel what it is you are trying to capture. Here is a picture of what I am talking about.


The left shows you what it looks like to take a picture on the iphone or the old camera Andriod provided versus the picture on the right that shows you how the picture completely encompassing the your screen. Pretty cool right! Another cool feature to get to settings and camera mode options like video and panorama all you do is swipe from left to right. Swiping from right to left will bring up a stream of your photos and videos. Another neat feature allows you to add a lens blur. With this you can create a cool blur effect on either the background or the foreground of the picture.


Here is a picture of the lens blur effect!

I personally am an Iphone user but with all these new features I am quickly realizing that Iphone’s are no longer competing in this race alone. Google is stepping up and I definitely think in the near future they could possibly pass Iphone’s in terms of sales and revenue.


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