Nice to meet ya, Im Siri Shazam

If Siri wasnt cool enough, she just got better! Apple has decided to team up with the app Shazam to bring song identification software to its new operating software iOS 8. Shazam, which is an app that listens to whatever song is being played out loud and within 10 ten seconds identifies the name of the song. This is an awesome app that I use a lot and its so useful because sometimes I just want to know the name of a song! It also cancels out the awkwardness of having to ask who sings this song or whats the name of this song with literally the tap of a button. Basically this feature will be like Twitter where it just comes with the update, users wont have to download the app itself. Apple continues to provide its users with cool features and that’s why they continue to rule the market. Where Shazam you just tap the button and it searchs, users will simply just ask Siri what song is playing and she will respond accordingly. Although this feature may seem small, it is paving the way for Siri to get more and more advanced to the point that many researchers believe one day we will talk to our phones and everything will be done through the usage of our voices! Oh how crazy that will be! Im excited for this new feature and a preview of iOS 8 is being launched early this June!


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