Perks of an Ipad

Upon graduating this May I have been saving up for an Ipad because it is much easier to carry around as opposed to my laptop. With taking a job in the city and constantly commuting it is something that I have taken thought to to keep my attention and my ability to stay connected. But I have been hesitant for the mere fact that if I choose to substitute this as my computer, its completely touch screen. Thankfully my prayers were answered with the newest addition of a detachable keyboard. This literally turns your Ipad into a workable computer. This new keyboard proposes the idea of never having to spend the crazy amount of money on computers anymore and to rather invest your money into an Ipad that is versatile and encompasses being a computer, gaming device, camera, ipod etc all in one. The keyboard case itself is $80, which seems expensive but you definitely get more than what you paid for. It even connects over Bluetooth which lets it run at low power, which lets you type for more than 150 hours without recharge. I cant even go one day without charging my computer so this is definitely a plus in my eyes. The keyboard also is attachable so whenever you need to use it as a computer you have the resources to and when you want to use it as an ipod or gaming device you have the freedom to. Image


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