Quality Family Time with the Smartphones

Back in late February and early March when my entire family first changed to smartphones, we all sat around on the couch and played with our phones. It’s funny because all of us were together and we were all staring at our laps. I’m the only one who lifted my head up and saw that everyone was absorbed in another world. I don’t think anyone even noticed how quiet it was. And the minute I showed my sister and her husband how to use Snapchat, it was over. Right away, they were snap chatting each other from three feet away. You know the Youtube video with the old people trying to get the computer and webcam to work? That’s basically what happened.

But even though all of us are basically on our phones when we are together, we still make time to put our phones away. One rule that we have is to not use our phones at the dinner table. Personally, I find it very rude when someone is on their phone during a meal at the table. I am all for staying interconnected, but it’s important to stay connected to the people right in front of you, especially if they are your loved ones.



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