Review of Bonnie and Rohan’s

The fact that the podcast started with The Office was an automatic plus. I absolutely love that show. I found your podcast very interesting because I learned about what a Mock-umentary was, something that I have been watching for years. I love the style of The Office and Parks and Recreation.It’s subtle humor that produces, at time, a huge laugh. It also has a much more organic feeling in terms of humor.

I feel like there is a new appreciation for the mock-umentary style that officially grew out of The Office. Your example of Modern Family also shows that the Mock-umentary style allows room for both a direct connection to the audience as the character talks to the camera and it also provides dramatic effect in terms of when they are acting out the story. In fact, it’s like a fictionalized reality show (not that some reality shows are completely factual). But, I believe that the Mocku-mentary style humanizes the character in a much easier way than in a traditional dramatic television storyline.

With iconic characters like Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, and Phil Dunphy that have become cemented into the television hall of fame, I applaud the style of Mock-umentary. And I hope, it continues to evolve to make us all laugh.

Great job guys!


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