Review of Gianna’s Podcast

From the minute I played this podcast, I was entertained. I thought it was also very informing as well in terms of learning that video games actually make you smarter and that video games actually improve your vision. I thought it had a very original concept in terms of the platform in which it was presented. The different clips joined together and the music in the background made the podcast never have a dull moment. I enjoyed the references to the video games especially Mario. I had no idea that you could have better cognitive skills when playing video games.

This also made me realize that video games allow people to be interactive and to be social with others with online fan bases. There is social interaction. Moreover, there are layers upon layers of symbolic value with video games that include team building activities, problem solving, and the focus of goals. I agree that people often sneer at the mention of video games. But, iI feel that it is sort of digital literature in a way. The story is constantly evolving based on the gamer’s decisions and I know from experience that these games can have pretty intricate plot lines that have countless themes and allusions.

Good job Gianna!



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