Review of Graziella and Maggie’s Disney Project

I always knew that Disney had simplified stories, but I never knew the real stories behind Disney. The fact that The Little Mermaid’s tongue was cut off and every step that she took felt like sharp glass is cringe worthy. I didn’t know that the story was so grotesque. Moreover, I had no idea that Sleeping Beauty was basically a date rape story with attempted murder. How morbid can you get? And my favorite story, Cinderella, is just plain bloody and disgusting. The image of the doves plucking out the sister’s eyes…

All in all, I thought you guys did a great job on the project. I was really intrigued to find out the truth behind the fairy tales. It’s interesting to note that fairy tales were made to scare children and teach them lessons. If I had heard these tales as a child, I would have obeyed without a question.

Its funny how media and Walt Disney recycle these stories and pick and choose the parts they would like to display in their films. I feel like that is a commentary on how creative works based on past works will evolve in the future. Soon the product no longer resembles the source.

Anyways, Great Job guys!


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