Review of Maggia and Graziella’s Project

I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. I had no idea how ridiculous and gruesome the original stories were. I guess they had to completely change them if they wanted to make them appropriate for children. The Little Mermaid one shocked me the most. I can’t believe that it wasn’t about a mermaid who wanted to grow legs to marry prince charming; that it actually involved a tongue being cut off and pain the entire time. The stories that disney based their movies are extremely different form what I imaged.

I remember that my mom used to tell me a few stories that had the intention of scaring me. Nothing gory like cutting off my tongue or murder but little things like wash my hands so i don’t get sick and eat my veggies so I grow up big and strong. I thought your podcast was very interesting to listen to even though I usually think podcasts are pretty boring! 🙂



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