Rising Electronica Artist


Australian electronic duo Let’s Be Friends first gained popularity in Fall 2012 when they were picked up by Knife Party (a separate group composed of some members of Pendulum) to open on their Haunted House tour. Since then, Let’s Be Friends has been gaining popularity on the Internet, performing some shows, but also releasing a steady flow of EPs, remixes, and singles via their soundcloud. This past Thursday, they released their second 60-Minute Mix entitled This Means War! Vol. 2, subtitled An ‘Entire’ Culture in 1 Hour. This mix, in addition to being a mammoth work including over 50 unique songs, includes some songs which have previously not been viewed as part of the remix/electronica community (at least in the main stream) including The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army, Star Wars’ Imperial March, and Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. The inclusion of these tracks from very far outside of the genre brings up interesting questions about the nature of artistic production in an age where a song can be entirely removed from its original context and viewed in an entirely new light. One could ask if it should even be considered the same song.


By shackler2013

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